Learning with us

We offer opportunities to learn.

Our learning sessions calendar for 2021 is here

Our approach to learning is to empower the learner to use whatever the skill and knowledge is in a wide variety of situations, not in a specific task or forum.

We start with what you want to do with your learning and build on existing skills and knowledge. We find this approach supports you to gain the knowledge, ability, and confidence to engage effectively and achieve your aims.

Our approach:

Person Centred

Learning new skills and gaining knowledge is available in a variety of ways (and we can adjust these methods to meet individual needs) For example:

  • one to one
  • at local, regional, and national sessions (where participants from a variety of landlords can share their experiences)
  • designed specifically for you and your interests
  • be part of a wider programme

We offer:

  • face to face and online learning
  • informal opportunities
  • a nationally recognised, TP Certificate qualification in tenant participation suitable to tenants, community members, staff and governing body members
  • guides and Hints and Tips available by post and online


We build in flexibility, so your learning fits into your life. That means flexibility in how, when, and where. We respond to your needs, because it is your Learning we are helping to achieve.

Designed for you

We design our Learning to be interactive, challenging, and fun.

Give us a call to discuss our range of opportunities that will aid engagement and benefit services.

We have a annual programme of learning and information events. These include:

  • Webinars with guest speakers
  • Tea/coffee break sessions
  • Training covering specific topics
  • TP and Housing Staff get togethers

You can see more details here