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Scotland's National landlord and tenant participation advisory service

New Scrutiny Sessions

6-part series for tenants, governing bodies, and members of staff taking on a scrutiny role.

Tenant Participation Certificate

Gain knowledge and understanding of tenant participation and community development in Scotland

TPAS Annual Conference

2nd to 4th February 2022, Fairmont Hotel, St Andrews

How we help

At TPAS Scotland, we have been supporting tenants’ groups, landlords, and related organisations for over 40 years. We focus on providing services that help upskill tenants to provide the knowledge to become involved in a range of housing issues; and we support landlords to make this happen.

Tenant Charter Report Group 2016


We support landlords with training and advice, so they are enabled to effectively undertake consultation activities, support tenant engagement, and ensure customer views are reflected in decision making and service delivery.



We support tenants to gain the skills, knowledge, and experience to really engage effectively with their landlord to make things better for them, their home, and their community.

Become a member

TPAS membership is designed to meet your needs and support you to achieve the very best in engagement and tenant participation. Our membership includes landlords, tenants’ and residents’ organisations and housing professionals who are committed to achieving positive outcomes that are the result of putting tenants at the heart of decision making.

We have been promoting, supporting, and championing tenant participation and engagement and supporting landlords and communities for over 40 years.

We have a wealth of knowledge, skills, and expertise gained from working consistently and in partnership with tenants, residents, landlords and communities. Our team is made up of experts who not only provide the best advice, support and training to our members but also deliver it in a friendly, inclusive and engaging way.

We provide an excellent accreditation scheme for landlords and contractors to assess tenant engagement services and support.

Your investment in our services and organisation enables the future of tenant participation.

We are members of TPAS because of their expertise in working with our tenants and creating a level of engagement which we may otherwise not be able to achieve. They produce excellent results and honest, constructive feedback which allows us to better shape and deliver our services. In 2019, we will be working with TPAS to engage fully on issues around value for money and affordability, as assessed by our tenants, to help us shape our business planning model.

Martin Wilkie-McFarlane
Wellhouse Housing Association


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