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At TPAS Scotland, we have been supporting tenants’ groups, landlords, and related organisations for over 40 years. We focus on providing services that help upskill tenants to provide the knowledge to become involved in a range of housing issues; and we support landlords to make this happen. We also support officers with training and advice, so they are enabled to effectively undertake consultation activities, support tenant engagement, and ensure customer views are reflected in decision making and service delivery.

So, from landlords looking for tenant opinion on rent levels, feedback on the standard of home improvements, or tenants who want to start a group or setting up a project to review services, we provide solutions tailored to your tenant participation needs.

I’m gutted I never got to a second conference as the last one was amazing.  You guys were an amazing help when I was trying to find my feet in my TP role so I thank you for that.

Louise Mitchell, Community Engagement officer

TPAS Scotland believes tenants, other service users, staff and governing body members must have a conversation to exchange views based on shared information and an open supportive relationship. We are expert in developing a culture where tenants and landlords are communicating, sharing priorities, and providing feeding back that works for you.

Attracting customers to participate is essential but is never easy. TPAS Scotland’s experience will aid landlords and tenant groups to attract, sustain and help future proof engagement. Key to this is evidencing:

  • the use made of tenants’ and service users’ views
  • that the time involved can be limited to what the customer can offer
  • there is a variety of valuable ways to be involved

Historically there are groups within communities who are less likely to participate that others. TPAS Scotland has experience in developing approaches that maximise engagement from all community members whether in an urban, rural, or remote community.

We are a resource to be used and we will respond to meet your needs. We will:

  • Share experiences for elsewhere but will always tailor approaches to your needs.
  • Support and value everyone involved

It was amazing to see how many organisations were involved in the TPAS Scrutiny Events taking place in November 2020 and it was great to see that all the participants across the country were comfortable, relaxed, and eager to be involved – just like a big happy family of Scottish tenants. It is testament to TPAS that tenant participation has evolved in a way that tenant’s voices are heard, concerns are addressed, and a difference has been made to the social rented sector and tenants across the nation

Carol Hamilton
Housing and Customer Service Manager
Wellhouse Housing Association


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