Accreditation for contractors

Contractors will complete a self-assessment framework explaining how they (together with their partner landlord) involve tenants and residents. They will have to show evidence of how they comply with key competencies in resident involvement. There are 10 separate competencies.

Competencies for Contractors:

  • The contractor is positive about supporting community initiatives
  • The contractor ensures that its staff are trained in and are positive about resident involvement
  • The contractor has a resident involvement and customer care strategy
  • The partnership (contractor & landlord) offers a menu for involvement
  • The partnership (contractor & landlord) enables resident performance monitoring and management at a corporate level
  • The partnership (contractor & landlord) has arrangements that ensure local accountability of the repairs service
  • The partnership (contractor & landlord) profiles its residents and acts upon that profile
  • The partnership (contractor & landlord) actively surveys residents’ views
  • The partnership (contractor & landlord) provides good information
  • The partnership (contractor & landlord) ensures that residents receive good feedback information