Policy & strategy

Tenant participation strategies should be reviewed every three years. TPAS can help your organisation to review your existing strategy by drawing on our expertise and knowledge of best practice in tenant participation.

TPAS has helped a wide range of social landlords and tenants from different parts of the country develop appropriate involvement structures based on their own circumstances and aspirations.

Landlords across the country are continually developing innovative approaches to involving their tenants, which we disseminate as good practice.

We have experience in recommending suitable participation structures. Whether you have pockets of housing stock separated by large distances, do not have any tenant associations or are just not sure of the best way to involve your tenants.

TPAS can help you develop a robust participation strategy that suits your needs.

We pride ourselves on our support support to improve the conversations between tenants and landlords so that:

Tenants know about the services they use and can influence the decisions their landlords make on who to deliver services

Landlords know how services are impact on and viewed by tenants and use tenants’ views / experiences to make informed decisions

We can offer a range of services designed to support tenants and landlords to achieve tenant participation. We can tailor our services, so they meet the needs of tenants and landlords separately.

So for tenants we can provide:

  • Independent advice on Transfers and partnerships
  • Independent support on Tenant Led Scrutiny and performance investigations
  • Support to tenants’ groups and Registered Tenant Organisations
  • Information on service options and methods of engagement
  • Advice and support when seeking to influence decision makers
  • Communicating with fellow tenants and others.

And For landlords:

  • Undertake consultation activity: annual rent setting, policy reviews, developing / reviewing the Tenant Participation Strategy, etc.
  • Delivering information sessions on national consultations; new law, policy development, service changes
  • Provide support and advice to staff delivering TP, whether that is as a dedicated TP worker or as part of their role and governing body members
  • Dedicate staff to specific landlords, so they meet the tenant participation statutory and regulatory requirements of social landlords in Scotland.