Independent advice

TPAS has a strong and long track record in providing independent advice for tenants. In particular where there is a proposed transfer of their homes to another landlord.

We provide impartial objective factual advice, information, support, training a variety of traditional and digital options to enable tenants to give us their views.

Our approach supports tenants to take part in decisions about the future of their homes.

As Independent Tenant Advisors, we empower tenants by supporting them to ask the right questions at the right time in the transfer process. This in turn helps take away the “fear” factor and improve tenant involvement.

We have supported tenants in large and small organisations and in different transfer vehicles like constitutional partnerships and Transfers of Engagements.

We have an excellent reputation for explaining complex issues in clear easy to understand terms and ensuring tenants are involved and can influence their future services at all stages of the process.

As independent Tenant Advisors, we are always shaped by individual circumstances.

However, this process is built on us working with tenants to enable them to:

  • understand why their landlord may be considering a change and all the possible options and processes
  • influence decisions
  • provide opportunities to ask questions using a variety of methods
  • express their priorities
  • make informed choices
  • make up their own minds about the proposals
  • fully understand all the issues relating to any proposals
  • tenants get the best possible deal from any new landlord
  • Ensure tenants/customers are fully informed
  • Make an informed choice and take part in the ballot