COVID has had a massive impact on tenant participation. We have all struggled with no face-to-face contact or ongoing repair issues , with day to day tenant support taking priority. Now things are returning to normal, do you need help to get back on track with your tenant engagement? Lots of organisations want to build back better but tenants are simply not engaging.


Let TPAS help you and your teams get back on track


  • We will review TP strategies that worked pre-pandemic.
  • We will work with your tenants and you to find out how tenants want to engage with you and take you through a series of steps to assess why tenants are not coming back or are getting involved.
  • Identify things tenants are interested in and methods they prefer to get back on track.


7 steps to being Back on Track


  1. What happened pre-covid; speak to Landlord & tenants
  2. Set up events, drop ins, chats
  3. Feedback to tenants based on outcome of events
  4. Report to Landlord/draft action plan
  5. Feedback to contributing tenants again
  6. Discussion on action plan and identify needs, training
  7. 6 monthly review


If you want help and support to get your housing organisation ‘back on track’ speak to our team on 0141 552 3633 or drop an email to

Back on track