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From Pentland Housing Association

Has anyone undertaken a tenant’s survey to find out how tenants are doing in respect to Covid-19 and if landlords are providing enough support etc., can you share your survey with us please?

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West Lothian Council

Hi, we did not do a survey, but our local housing offices contacted all tenants in their local areas either by telephone, email, or text to check in with them to ensure they were okay or if they needed any assistance.

Horizon Housing Association

We have undertaken a mini tenant satisfaction result in April, and asked the following questions:

  1. What, if anything, do you think Horizon could be doing to support their tenants during the Covid-19 crisis, bearing in mind the current restrictions?
  2. Horizon also recognise that many things may be changed in the future because of this. What do you think it will be important for Horizon to focus on in the future when considering the housing service, they deliver?

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