Our TPAS accreditation scheme is aimed at landlords, contractors, and tenants’ organisations.

We recognise that the requirements for each type of organisation are different, although the way in which we assess submissions is the same.

Our accreditation scheme is nationally recognised for providing accurate and independent assessment of all your tenant participation services.

It is a robust and structured process for assessing how well organisations involve tenants and residents.

The accreditation is based on competencies and organisations that successfully complete our criteria will qualify for our prestigious Accreditation mark for 3 years.

Accreditation will be awarded at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels

All our accreditations are validated by an independent panel of trained volunteers.

TPAS accreditation encompasses a full spectrum of tenant participation activities:

  • Legal and regulatory compliance
  • Effective local information delivery
  • Gathering feedback and using compliments and complaints
  • Formal and informal TP strategies and structures
  • Support for tenants, others service users, staff, and governing body members to participate
  • Reporting and investigating performance to maximise value for money and service delivery

Summary of the process

  1. Organisations are asked to complete a self-assessment framework explaining how they involve tenants and residents.
  2. Demonstrate how they pass certain competencies in resident involvement.
  3. We will verify your self-assessment through a process of desktop assessment and focus group discussions with tenants and staff. Participants of focus groups will also be asked to discuss tenant participation based on their experience, which will help to inform TPAS’s assessment of your performance.
  4. We will hold focus group ‘interviews with tenants, staff and other key stakeholders. The aim of these sessions is to ‘test’ whether resident’s involvement measures are running as intended.
  5. Produce a written report explaining whether organisations have passed or failed the required competencies. If the organisation does not meet certain elements, we will outline what measures should be put in place to meet the required standard and revisit you in 3 to 6 months.
  6. We will involve an expert, independent panel to assess your self-assessment. The panel is drawn from a pool of trained assessors, who will look in depth at your submission and decide the final accreditation score. This will be based on a six point scale and will determine whether accreditation is awarded at bronze, silver or gold level.
  7. We will complete a feedback report explaining how we have assessed your organisation according to the required standards and competencies. The report will outline findings and provide thorough recommendations for improvement.
  8. Accreditation is awarded as bronze, silver, and gold grades. We accredit landlords based on 10tenant participation standards. These are measured on a 6-point scale against set criteria, allowing us to:
    • grade your performance.
    • involve your tenants to measure and ‘score’ how well you are achieving the standards.

Our landlord accreditation is one of the best ways for you to review your tenant participation strategy, carry out a health check or improve the way you involve tenants.

And if you are confident about how well you are doing already then lets go for gold?