Landlord Accreditation

Our landlord accreditation assesses ALL aspects of tenant participation, including your strategy, tenant participation structures, tenant scrutiny, resources and recognises and rewards excellence in tenant participation. It provides a full critical assessment of landlords’ tenant participation practices, recognises best practice, identifies opportunities for improvement and provides recommendations

Competencies for Landlords:

  • The landlord has a tenant participation strategy
  • The key components of the strategy are in place
  • Tenants are involved in decision making processes
  • The landlord provides good information to tenants
  • There are sufficient resources and support to enable effective tenant participation
  • Staff have good awareness of tenant participation
  • There are effective tenant involvement structures
  • The landlord and tenants measure performance
  • The landlord is committed to promoting equal opportunities
  • The landlord works in partnership with tenants
  • The landlord has realistic timescales for tenant participation