TPAS event planning

TPAS has extensive experience of planning successful tenant events. We regularly facilitate event planning for housing organisations and offer a flexible and tried and tested approach. We will ensure that these events are informative and interactive, yet informal and fun. We can suggest a variety of different approaches for making events enjoyable whilst ensuring there is meaningful participation.

We know that organising attractive, fun and useful events is vital to hear what tenants think, what is important locally, for getting information out and building relationships.

Our experience tell us:

  • how vital tenant views are to landlords.
  • listening
  • opportunities for engaging with a wider range of participants many of who cannot or do not want long term commitments
  • informal discussions
  • chances to report back on how tenants’ views have been used
  • positive relationships

We offer guidance, help and support to ensure your events achieve your aims. We can do as little or as much as you wish, from a preplanning chat to detailed organisation of your events.

So from successful AGMs and other meetings, tenants’ conferences, community fun days and events on specific topics, such as your annual rent setting consultation, reviewing your services, introducing new or revised services.

We can help you with it all. We will be guided by your community’s needs, what has worked before for you and other local organisations and create an event to remember.

As an example our help with event planning consists of:

  • Recommending appropriate venues
  • Preparing information for tenants
  • Assisting with promotion and tenant bookings
  • Facilitating consultation event and any breakout / workshop sessions
  • Provide independent feedback report online