Healthy Engagement

Scottish law requires landlords to engage with tenants and other customers in delivering services and the Scottish Housing Charter has a clear focus on engaging with your tenants. The Scottish Housing Regulator have reviewed their regulatory process and focus and at the request of tenants, engagement is higher on the agenda for regulation.

Our Healthy Engagement programme is an interactive programme where we will work with you to effectively check your engagement activities, highlight success, identify areas where there are gaps or barriers and develop an action plan to help you improve your participation.

The project is participative and involves people and policies.

This is what we will do to carry out a health check on the following

  1. Policy & process. We will review your current engagement strategy and any linked policies, tracking a recent engagement activity and report on your health score.
  2. Your people. We will host a workshop for staff (more than housing) and cover the engagement context, what works, what we could we do better, how could we do it? what could work, what others do.
  3. Your tenants. We will host a workshop for tenants. We will look at tenants priorities for involvement, what works, what doesn’t, what support is needed to engage, what could work, what others do.

And then we will

  1. Write a report for you. This will cover policies, processes and the people - what do you do well, what do you need to do better, how can you improve.
  2. Get together with tenants and staff and discuss your priorities, aspirations, practicalities, challenges and resources to improving your participation.
  3. And finally develop your action plan and how we get to better health! From all the activities we will develop your action plan and present it to all the participants.

Healthy Engagement Projects usually take about  5 days and focusses on your people, their views, aspirations and frustrations. Together we look at how you and your tenants can improve opportunities for engagement.

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