Performance and Service Development

We assist landlords and tenants in setting up, supporting, and undertaking tenant led scrutiny of performance and service delivery.

Our long record in helping tenants explore performance, provide feedback, and make recommendations to benefit services and communities allows us to be help you develop the best options for you.

With Performance and service delivery we can assist you to:

  • Gather tenant satisfaction data
  • Investigate tenants’ views on value for money, strengths and weaknesses, and investment priorities
  • Communicate performance to tenants in attractive and informative ways
  • Gather responses to your performance information from a wider range of tenants

Scrutiny Groups or Panels

These are the most common but not the only option that enables tenants to use performance information to benefit service delivery.

We tailor our approach to support you with:

  • Setting up:
    • Exploring how investigating performance can benefit tenants and landlords
    • Agreeing if a group is what is needed / wanted by tenants
    • Developing the role and remit of a scrutiny group
    • Agreeing / reviewing a framework for scrutiny activities
    • Recruiting scrutiny group members
    • Preparing staff to work effectively with scrutiny group members
    • Understanding SHR requirements
  • Supporting and undertaking activities:
    • Independently advising scrutiny group members to:
      • assess performance
      • carry out independent investigations
      • report and make recommendations
      • monitor implementation
    • Knowledge building and developing skills on:
      • legislation
      • using performance data
      • good practice of landlord services
      • methods of investigation
      • producing and presenting reports and recommendations
      • negotiating and agreeing actions arising from recommendations
    • Health checks for scrutiny group
    • Supporting scrutiny groups to communicate with other customers, staff, and governing body

We will do as little or as much as requested. Our variety of approaches will ensure your performance is monitored and used effectively for your organisation or community.

We support a regional network of scrutiny panels / groups where tenants and staff can share practice, lessons they have learned and network.