Tools for engagement

Tenants should be enabled to shape the development of localised housing management policies. TPAS will support Landlords and tenants to develop effective policies that reflect the law, good practice, local needs, and priorities. We can either lead the whole process, or we can carry out specific tasks such as tenant consultation.

We work with a range of specialist housing consultants to make sure housing organisations and tenants develop the best possible services.

Our core strength is our independent status. As an independent organisation it is easier for our staff and consultants to identify strengths and weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. We find that tenants and frontline staff are more likely to openly discuss their housing service with an independent organisation. This makes us the ideal organisation to carry out tenant consultation, as well as policy review and development.

We are expert at assisting you to communicate service processes, targets, and standards and in aiding you to assess outcomes and satisfaction that helps assess value for money.