Our new learning sessions are a real hit.

We have had loads of lovely feedback from our recent sessions on Tenant Participations role in Social Housing services.

"The sessions were very informative.  I liked the fact that there were not too many participants and had a wide variety of experiences.”

 “I'm new to TP training so found the training very insightful.”

So we are now offering SCRUTINY: a new 5-part series to tenants, governing bodies, and members of staff taking on a scrutiny role with experience but seeking a refresher.

All start at 2pm and last up to 90 minutes. You can attend 1, 2 or all 5 sessions. It is your choice.

All these sessions are listed on our events page for May and June. You can also use the online form to book your place.

Summary of Sessions

4th May 

New to Scrutiny: an introduction to the process: What they are for and what your role could be? – an overview that flags the key issues that will be developed in future sessions. Learn more.

11th May

Your scrutiny framework or structure: How the framework / structure can ensure the independence, formality and power that scrutiny groups require. Learn more.

18th May 

Recruiting members of scrutiny groups: will look at how formal or informal should recruiting members be? What best suits your organisation and community. Being a scrutiny group member can be challenging and is not for everyone, so how best to achieve and sustain a solid, independent, and effective group. Learn more.

25th May

Where does it come from and how you might use performance information?: will think about the development of scrutiny (it isn’t completely new) and how the 2010 Act (creating Charter, SHR’s adapted role in regulating RSLs, ARC performance reports, etc.) brought about what is today described as scrutiny. It’ll focus on how performance information can be used by a group. Learn more.

1st June

Seeking the Customer’s experience: will examine a variety of tenant friendly methods that a Scrutiny Group may use to gather evidence of customer’s experience – Tenant Led Inspections, surveys, mystery shopping. Learn more.

8th June

Report writing for scrutiny panels: ideas and approaches to putting a group’s finding together that can help deliver positive impacts. Learn more.


Per Session: Members: £30 Non-members: £40

All Sessions: Members: £100 Non-members: £150

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