Healthy Engagement – Helping landlords meet regulatory requirements

The Charter has a clear focus on engaging with your tenants. The Scottish Housing Regulator is increasing the focus ...

The 2014 Housing Act

Do you want to know more about Consulting Tenants on the 2014 Housing Act?  Click the link below ...

Stirling Tenants Assembly (STA) is a member of TPAS, and we are grateful for the support and advice which TPAS are always willing and able to provide. Last year our group had the benefit of training given by TPAS, particularly of use to newer members. The TPAS Annual Conference is an excellent learning opportunity. It is also a superb way to meet people from all areas of Scotland and to hear of their experiences with scrutiny and other activities. This is very helpful. TPAS keeps members continually aware of any events, training, study visits, etc. which members may find of interest.

Anna Johnston
Stirling Tenants Assembly