Chris McShane from Ochil View Housing Association shares his thoughts on the TPAS Tenant Participation Certificate

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am Chris McShane and I am the Tenant Engagement & Communications Officer at Ochil View Housing Association. We provide housing across Clackmannanshire and West Fife. I have worked within the housing sector for nearly 20 years and started in this role in April 2021.


Where did you find out about the TP certificate?

TPAS Scotland regularly communicate upcoming training and events and this course was one I was aware of through discussions with others in similar roles. When the opportunity arose, I was keen to take it on.


When did you start/complete the TP certificate?

I started the course in late September 2023 and had completed it by early December.


Why did you decide to apply for the course?

Even with my extensive experience in tenant participation, I think it is important to continue building on my knowledge of tenant participation, particularly in relation to community development, so this was an ideal opportunity.


How did you find the course?

I found it to be very interesting. It covered a wide array, from reinforcing my understanding of tenant participation itself, through to participation requirements at a national level and the relationship between tenant participation and the community.


Which elements of the course did you like?

The structure of the course was really engaging. I enjoyed the mixture of formats in presenting information, as well as having quizzes and activities throughout to help strengthen my understanding of the subject. There was also good flexibility to work at one’s own pace and the tutor was readily available should any support be needed.


Was there anything you didn’t enjoy?

To be honest, thanks to the layout and delivery of the content, I didn’t find it too difficult. All the information felt useful to what I was hoping to gain from the course.


What are your intentions now you have completed the certificate?

I’ll continue to apply the principles of tenant engagement into my everyday work and the course content will help me as I look to progress participation opportunities within more localised communities.


What would you say to someone else who is considering applying for the course?

Go for it! There is always something new to learn, something that can help in delivering the best possible tenant participation services.