The TPAS Board is representative of everyone involved in TP across Scotland

Catherine Stoddart joined the board of TPAS Scotland in 2019 and her contribution as a tenant voice has been invaluable ever since.


Catherine is a tenant representative on the TPAS Scotland board and an active tenant of Highland Council where she is involved in several groups and forums including the Scrutiny Group, Value for Money group and Highland Forums.


“Tenant participation is vital,” said Catherine.  “It is very important that tenants know what is happening in their own local area and the wider TP agenda and have an opportunity to voice their opinions.  I was invited to join the board of TPAS Scotland by my local TP Officer and I’m very glad I did.  I previously met the former CEO of TPAS Scotland, Lesley Baird, who was so passionate about tenant participation and explained what the role of TPAS Scotland was, which interested me greatly.


Being on the Board gives me an opportunity to share ideas from Highland Council with TPAS Scotland and bring ideas and information back from the TPAS Board meetings.


The staff at TPAS are always professional and are an excellent representative of tenant members.  Each individual, whether staff or associate, is 100% committed to their role, constantly looking for new projects and ideas to help boost tenant engagement across Scotland.


For anyone considering joining a Board, I would recommend TPAS Scotland.  It is important that the Board has tenant voices and represents everyone from different backgrounds.  The work is not too onerous, we meet every 2 months, and it is a good mix of online and face to face meetings, in convenient locations.


I feel privileged to be part of the TPAS Board and feel I am personally learning and contributing to the future of tenant participation in Scotland.”


We are currently looking for new people to join our Board.  If you would like to work alongside Catherine and other members on the board, we would love to hear from you.  Our Board of Management consists of six tenants and six landlord members, and our articles also allow for up to 3 co-optees. We are particularly interested in people with skills in Housing – being a Tenant, or employed by a Local Authority or RSL.


To apply, send your name and phone number to and we will be in touch.  Thank you.