Caledonia Housing Association

Caledonia Housing Association puts tenants at the heart of their decision making after TPAS Healthy Engagement Review

As one of Scotland’s largest providers of 5500 affordable homes from Inverness to West Dunbartonshire, Caledonia Housing Association recognises the importance of tenant engagement and participation, considering the challenges the last two years have brought.  As part of a transformational journey, Caledonia HA decided to embark on a full tenant participation review to ensure that tenants were at the heart of decision making, influencing the services they provide.


Caledonia HA has had a long-standing relationship with TPAS and wanted to ensure they were considering traditional methods alongside a digital offering for all tenants, breaking down any barriers for tenants to get involved. With challenges around digital poverty as well as apprehension (some tenants like more traditional methods of communication), Caledonia HA wanted to ensure their offerings accommodated all tenants. Their focus was to ensure tenant participation was an all-staff responsibility, not just one individual within the business, broadening the potential for more ideas, delivered in a more localised way.


Caledonia HA engaged the services of TPAS to undertake a Healthy Desktop Review.  This involved a full review of the tenant participation documentation and TPAS provided useful insight into how Caledonia HA could attract more tenant participation. Caledonia HA recognised a requirement to adjust their documentation and marketing strategy to ensure tenants could get involved in what mattered to them.


Following on from some research and 1:1 discussion to understand what tenants wanted and what their biggest barriers to participation were, TPAS provided a full report and recommendations.  The report and new TP Strategy as submitted to the Board for approval in December 2021.  It outlined several new strategies to get tenants more involved, enabling them to select the things they want to participate in, outline options for digital inclusion, improvements to the recruitment strategy and working closer with the tenants to hold Caledonia HA to account on the plan.

Jenna Noble Head of Frontline Services at Caledonia HA said, “The team at TPAS were fantastic at helping us go through this process.  Lesley was our main contact and as she is a huge advocate for tenant participation, her insight and knowledge was exceptional. The process outlined by TPAS was

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Easy to understand
  • Simple to implement
  • Aligned to regulatory requirements


Find out what’s involved in a Health Engagement review here.


Caledonia Housing Association is one of Scotland’s leading providers of high quality affordable homes for people in housing need. We own and manage over 4,600 homes in 8 local authority areas. A further 512 social rented homes are owned and managed in the Renton area of West Dunbartonshire by Cordale Housing Association – a subsidiary of Caledonia Housing Association.  Our strategy is based on providing homes and services that make life better.


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