TPAS Stirling


TPAS supported the Registered Tenants Organisation at Stirling Council Housing Department, keeping them informed of legislation, arranging meetings/events, supporting them with training needs and publicizing their events via social media, internal promotion and external promotion through Council newsletters. TPAS managed several tenant groups and meetings on behalf of the Council including:

  • The allocation meeting was a group of tenants and staff who were brought together to revise the current Allocation Policy and help produce and implement a new one.
  • The tenant led inspection (scrutiny group) revised the application form to make it shorter and easier to complete
  • The tenant led inspection team created a new handbook
  • The communications group who focused on the newsletter and other correspondence that the Housing Department issued.
  • Repairs meetings took place to discuss ongoing issues with repair staff and future investment.
  • TPAS attended open days where there was support for tenants to rewrite the Housing Services TP strategy regularly which provided tenants with the ability to meet up with staff and elected members before committee meetings.
  • and Housing advisory meetings provided tenants with the ability to meet up with councillors and senior members of staff to discuss policy staff changes and strategies.

TPAS were instrumental in supporting the tenants and raising the importance internally across the Council about the importance of listening to tenants’ views and not just making decisions based on legislation. Tenants were directed to the right type of advice required to make decisions, ensuring each tenant was treated as an individual, focusing on their specific requirements and ensuring they were supported in a way that worked individually for them. TPAS provides all tenants with a voice and supports them to use that voice!
Stirling Council housing staff were also provided with support around tenant participation and invited to get involved in tenants’ meetings and training courses.

The work undertook by TPAS highlighted to Stirling Council what tenant participation is and why it is extremely important for tenants to have a say in services. We offered an independent, impartial role when conflict arose. The TPAS support and advice also helped the Council realise why it is important to work closely in partnership with tenants as this improves tenant satisfaction, job satisfaction and offers a better overall service.

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