Eveline Armour

Development and Delivery Manager

As the Development and Delivery Manager, Eveline is responsible for new projects, developing new products and services and supporting member engagement activities.   Eveline is passionate about tenant participation and has worked in the social housing sector for 27 years engaging with tenants, tenant groups, staff, agencies and stakeholders. 

Eveline will be involved in

  •       Supporting tenants across all tenant participation activities
  •       Supporting landlords and staff with their tenant engagement activities
  •       Management and delivery of practical learning events and sharing successful engagement strategies
  •       Providing independent advice to TPAS members
  •       Engaging tenants in scrutiny activities, monitoring service performance, and exploring options to ensure that services deliver value for money.

Tenant participation and delivering great service have always been in Eveline’s DNA.  Eveline believes that engaging with tenants, and promoting consistency and cohesive working between tenants, staff and board reinforces and enhances communication, creating meaningful engagement as a key element to help landlords deliver great services.