TPAS helps Aberdeen City Council tenants and residents consider the future of their homes

As part of their tenant and residents’ improvement strategy, Aberdeen City Council engaged the services of TPAS Scotland in Spring 2023 to consult with tenants and residents living in 8 city centre tower blocks across the city.  The aim of this consultation was to understand what tenants and residents liked about the accommodation, what they were not so happy about and their thoughts and aspirations around the future of their homes.

TPAS Scotland were part of the team developing a survey for residents, a variety of press releases and publicity activities to encourage residents to come along to local pop-in events and complete the survey.

Lesley Baird, TPAS Scotland associate said, “Our goal was clear – to give the tenants and residents, information, encourage them to express their views and ask for their preferences on the 5 options which outlined the future of the tower blocks. We were keen to reassure residents that the only decision that has been made about the future of their block was the decision to consult residents.”

As part of the consultation, Tony Kelly Project Manager, TPAS Scotland and Lesley Baird attended 4 pop-in events for residents living in the tower blocks, acting as independent tenant advisors for the residents.  Tony Kelly said, “The focus was to ensure that people were clear about their options and for them to ask questions or seek additional information as well as completing the survey.   We met with a tenants & residents group the week before the pop-ins to highlight the benefits of getting involved in their tower block decisions, by setting up a tenants and residents group.”

Tony Kelly said, “The open days were great. We had lots of interesting questions and some fantastic stories with individuals about life in the multi-stories, demonstrating the passion of the individuals who live there; a real community spirit. There is a lot to think about and a real opportunity for local people to influence their future.”

Pat, a tenant of Aberdeen City Council who lives in one of the city-centre multis said, “I was really amazed at how well the drop in was managed.  I was quite nervous, but everyone was so friendly and helpful.  They made me feel at ease and it was great to see a representative from TPAS there as the independent organisation which supports us as tenants.”

Following an overwhelming response to the survey by 477 individuals (both online and on paper), TPAS Scotland also encouraged 200 tenants and residents to attend the drop-in events to ask questions and request additional information.

Using the information from TPAS Scotland, the Council will consider the findings from the consultation and decide what happens next.