Scotland’s pathway to Zero Emissions Heating

A move to cleaner heating systems in Scotland’s homes and buildings is a key priority for cutting greenhouse gas emissions and help combat climate change.   With around 2.45 million homes in Scotland, all varied in type, use, size, age, construction, and energy efficiency, this work brings many challenges.


According to the Scottish Government, “Transforming how we heat our buildings will not only help us reach our climate change targets but will help create jobs and make our homes warmer and cheaper to heat.”


Gillian Campbell will speak at this year’s TPAS Annual Conference about the steps needed for Scotland to achieve zero emission heating and reduce fuel poverty.  In her talk Gillian will speak about why we need to switch from fossil fuel heating to clean heating systems like heat pumps and heat networks.  She will explore the role energy efficiency plays in making our homes warm, healthy, and affordable to heat and share the latest on Scottish Government’s plans to get us there.


Make sure you have booked your ticket for this year’s TPAS Annual Conference to hear from Gillian and others exploring ways to improve housing services and tenant engagement across Scotland.  Tickets can be purchased by emailing  More information can be found here.


Gillian works with the Existing Homes Alliance – a coalition of housing, environmental, fuel poverty, consumer and industry organisations, working together to develop and shape policy solutions to cut carbon emissions and end fuel poverty.


As well as supporting the Existing Homes Alliance, Gillian is an independent housing consultant with extensive experience of strategy and policy review, governance, improvement planning, customer engagement and project management.