Engaging with 12 – 25 year olds; how Aberdeen City Council are making it a success!

We all ask the question – how do we communicate and engage young people to get involved and shape the thinking of our organisation?


Brian Webb heads up Young Engagement and Participation, within the youth work team as part of the cities Community Learning and Development offer at Aberdeen City Council and has been working on the Aberdeen Youth Movement (AYM) since 2022.  Brian will share his story at this year’s TPAS Housing Conference in Dundee on day 1 around how he has transformed the thinking on youth participation within the city, updating processes to mirror the ways young people like to work and think, and how the young people are now consulting with elected members to help shape their thinking.


In his talk Brian will explain

  • How he attracted young people from different age groups and social backgrounds and encouraged them to get involved in the programme
  • How they have empowered these young people to set up, develop and run AYM with individuals leading on their own areas of expertise
  • Why it was important to let these young people lead on the social media and the part Instagram and Snap Chat polls played in wider communication and engagement
  • Structure of AYM and why this really works
  • And how these young people are now transforming the thinking across the whole of Aberdeen City Council.


Brian will be joined by 5 of the young people involved in AYM, providing attendees at the conference the opportunity to question these young people about their passions, their needs and wants and their ambitions going forward.


So, if youth engagement is on your radar, this is a fantastic opportunity to find out first hand how to do it and why this model really works!


Brian’s talk is at 12noon on Wednesday 31st January and is entitled “Change starts when a single voice shouts, I feel like we are that voice” – How to engage with 12-25 year olds.


Book your place at the conference now by emailing elaine.scoular@tpasscotland.org.uk