TP Certificate provides practical insights on how to improve and measure tenant participation

Housing Officer Bola Akintoye at ng homes successfully completed the TP Certificate through TPAS.  We recently spoke to Bola about her experience.


Why did you decide to study for the accreditation?

At ng homes we are very focused on tenant participation and ensuring our tenants are satisfied with the services we offer.  The TP Certificate course gave me great practical insights and knowledge on how we can continually improve tenant participation and measure it.


Was the course difficult?

When I undertook the course, we were in the early days of lockdown.  Communication was difficult for everyone trying to find new ways of working.  The online TP Certificate course was excellent.  It was very intensive with lots of study required in my own time but each session was comprehensive and the course delivery team were great.  One area that may be worth considering is asking employers to provide dedicated timeslots during the working week to study, to enable candidates get maximum value from it.


What do you feel have been the key benefits from attending the course?

The course was excellent in highlighting the benefits of tenant participation. We explored improvements in service, strategies to increase tenant satisfaction and measurement of effectiveness, all of which helps ng homes become a better provider to our tenants.  The course also helps us meet the requirements of the Scottish Housing Regulator in terms of the responsibilities outlined in the Charter.

The scrutiny panel was my highlight.  It gave some practical insight and knowledge on how our HA can better manage tenant expectations.



What would you say to someone interested in attending the course?

Go for it!  It’s a great foundation to understand how tenants feel about you and what their expectations are.  It also gives you strategies to measure effectiveness which helps make improvements.


I’m looking forward to hearing what the next steps will be to follow up this foundation course.