Lesley is doing great work with Supporting Communities to bring the Tenant Participation Standards and Accreditation to housing providers in Northern Ireland.

By working together, she has supported them to adapt our very own accreditation model for Northern Ireland and they have already started to roll it out.

Lesley said Supporting Communities and TPAS Scotland have enjoyed a long and successful relationship and have now strengthened our Celtic connection by collaborating to bring the Tenant Participation Standards and Accreditation to Northern Ireland. We will continue to work together to bring our experiences of tenant participation in our nations to this project. By sharing my experience and knowledge with NI housing associations and explaining a bit more about what accreditation means, can help raise standards.

Lesley writes in her blog:

Why Bother?

Do you know how good you are? Do you know if there are barriers to tenants participating with you, either real or perceived? Going through the accreditation process will help you answer some of these questions and give you tangible ways to improve your participation offer, your information, and how you communicate with tenants.

I think it’s worth it! Everyone wants to get better.


TPAS Accreditation is awarded to organisations which have demonstrated that they are among the best in the country at involving and working in partnership with their tenants and residents. It is a prestigious national award that demonstrates the landlord is committed to tenant participation and community engagement principles.

Achieving accreditation provides recognition for the hard work carried out by tenant volunteers and the work carried out by staff engaging with and empowering tenant groups and individuals.

Getting Involved with TP Standards

The process to achieve accreditation is challenging; it’s a brave thing to be assessed and scrutinised by an independent organisation. I always introduce myself as your critical friend, and constantly remind folk that!

We are really pleased to that Supporting Communities have already begun the accreditation process with one of the largest housing providers in Northern Ireland. Read more about Supporting Communities here