TPAS Scotland held its AGM virtually via Teams on 28th January. It was a great success with over 70 members attending from the comfort of their own homes.

We used the AGM to introduce our new website see more here which is now live and up and running for everyone to access, there will also be a new members only lounge and passwords for this area will be circulated in the next few days.

Lesley also announced that TPAS Scotland will be running courses on a Endorsed Tenant Participation certificate and there are 5 pilot organisations signed up for this already. The TPAS staff will also be doing the course. This will be the first of its type in Scotland! Read more here and see a short video on our new TP certificate here

We also announced that as it was our 40th year last year,  we have rewritten the ‘Will It Fly Mr Wright’ publication from the 1980’s and in honour of Alan Ferguson have named the new version ‘Is it Flying Mr Ferguson’. Everyone agreed this was a lovely gesture in remembering a friend and colleague who was so passionate about Tenant Participation.