More from the TPAS archives

We reissued the 1986 document “Will it Fly, Mr Wright?” and recently published “Is It Flying, Mr Ferguson?” as part of our 40th birthday celebration in 2020.

This has jogged memories and our members and colleagues have been in touch to tell us about other historical tenant participation documentation from another era.

Colin Turnbull, Director at Hawthorn Housing Cooperative and TPAS Board member recently came across a TPAS briefing paper he wrote with Jim McNee (a much, missed member of TPAS’ team) around 1990 when he worked as a tenant liaison officer at Nithsdale District Council (now part of Dumfries and Galloway Council)

Developing Tenant Participation at Nithsdale District, was one of series of briefing papers that helped tenant participation to evolve. This is an interesting read as it provides a historical perspective of tenant participation in Scotland.

We hope this will generate discussions and reflections with TPAS members. We would love you to get in touch and tell us your views about what’s changed, what’s the same and what can we learn?

TPAS is keen to update similar historical documents. With your help we can produce updated briefing papers, like “Is It Flying, Mr Ferguson?”.

If you have any historical documents and/or an idea for a briefing paper please get in touch with Tony Kelly at