Maximise Tenant involvement during #UKLockdown

Times are changing and, if anything Covid-19 has really made us all reassess how we communicate, maximise tenant involvement during #UKLockdown to ensure our tenants voices are still being heard.

Now is a good time to reflect on approaches to involvement. Tenants, the people who know your services best, are in the best position to inform future direction and how precious resources should be prioritised. Here are some flexible, practical approaches to help you maximise tenant involvement during #UKLockdown.

Tenant Involvement steps

  • Involve everyone : Everyone who works for your organisation, including your contractors, should be concerned about delivering excellent services through involving tenants. Tenant/resident involvement should not be an ‘add on’ but should be at the very heart of everything the landlord does!
  • Ensure there is an openness and transparency statement
  • Trust and Transparency – Listen and Act. Communication is vital in building a sense of mutual trust and openness. It also enables better involvement in the future as it reassures tenants that their contribution is valued and respected. Timely responses provide credibility and demonstrate an appetite for open conversation.
  • Involvement in Big Decisions -Tenants who are involved at a strategic level can help to review decisions and streamline services, focusing on what’s important. Don’t limit the involvement in big decision just to tenants who may get involved via more traditional methods. Use every-day contact as a way of consulting with as many different tenants as possible.
  • Involvement should look at local as well as wider issues, e.g. climate change and the need for more sustainable homes or, health concerns, including Covid-19. Tenants will want to discuss issues that are relevant and current in their lives, homes and communities.
  • Commitment for Involvement -Landlords should consider wider initiatives to raise confidence with staff as well as tenants, develop skills and build capacity that can bring longer-term results for the community.
  • Effective marketing and publicity about involvement opportunities is almost as important as the activities themselves. It doesn’t matter how well you’ve thought through arrangements for an involvement activity, if people don’t know about it, it won’t succeed!
  • Getting Everyone Involved – be as inclusive as possible. The more methods used the greater the chance of getting more people involved.

Find out more about how to maximise tenant involvement during UKLockdown in our flyer TPAS 4pp A4 Keeping Involved Flyer SINGLE PAGES.