Tenants and staff from across the country have been exploring TP’s role in social housing services.

We kicked off with topics explaining the law and good practice and exploring options for getting involved that fit your community & organisation.

Tony, Lead Development Officer at TPAS said, “It has been great to see such a wide variety of folks taking part. I’m looking forward to more. Learning sessions online is part of our response to the lockdown and it is a new experience for us all.

We are adding these online sessions to what we already offer tenants and staff. Choice is vital and as any exploration of tenant participation shows there is no option that fits all. When we can we will be out in person as always across Scotland and in your communities.

Our learning session programme for 2021 will explore widening the range of those getting involved, the future of your committee and tenants’ group, encouraging TP and planning consultation activities.

Coming up in May and June we will be exploring scrutiny. An opportunity for you to develop your skills and knowledge in this area.

As we move out of the current restrictions, we’ll be offering more learning opportunities and if you need TPAS Scotland to offer a topic, let us know. We are here to listen.

To take part just simply complete the form on the events section of our website.