40 years as your friendly engagement experts!

Members, colleagues and customers are helping to celebrate our 40th birthday year by contributing to  “Is it Flying Mr Wright?”.

This will be our updated version of the original ground breaking document in social housing and tenant participation, Will it fly Mr Wright?

Following our scrutiny week we will be working on developing Mr Wright for the 21st Century.

We need your help to do this so share your stories of your work in communities with tenants, as tenants and landlords. email you stories to tony.kelly@tpasscotland.org.uk

So way back in 1986, TPAS Scotland supported the production of, “Will it Fly Mr Wright?”. Yes and we are proud to say both Tony and Lesley contributed to the document and they and the document are still going strong. Maybe you also contributed get in touch and let us know.

This work helped tenants and landlords to develop meaningful tenant engagement and participation. This was a pioneering document that set the scene, provided a snapshot of tenant participation in 1986 and a vision for our future work.

We’ve made 1986’s “Will it Fly Mr Wright?” available here  Will it fly Mr Wright EMAIL VERSION.

Its a great read with some really interesting art work. A real slice of social history.