It really is. Thank you Alan Ferguson

Last year we celebrated 40 years as your friendly engagement experts! And we are looking forward to some great times ahead.

Producing “Is it Flying Mr Ferguson?” in our 40th year gives a friendly nod to our shared past, records where tenant participation is and guides our future. It is showing participation is “alive and well”, diverse, modern, inclusive, and reflecting aspirations and expectations for social housing.

In 2020 we sadly lost a great supporter of TPAS Scotland and friend to many tenants, workers and governing body members, Alan Ferguson. With Alan’s impact on tenant participation (and housing generally) being felt throughout our 40 years, we are using his name in our title so he can continue to influence tenant participation successes.

A real landmark

To celebrate our 4oth birthday, we asked our friends and colleagues, from across Scotland, to help us mark it by giving us a glimpse into what is happening with them. “Is it Flying Mr Ferguson?” is a key to our celebrations. You can read it here 

The early years

In 1986, TPAS Scotland supported the Community Development Housing Group(CDHG) to produce, “Will it Fly Mr Wright?” that helped tenants and landlords seeking meaningful participation, marked where tenant participation had reached and informed of future engagement efforts. Will it Fly Mr Wright?” is available on our website not only so you can enjoy reading about TP’s earlier incarnations but also because we believe it contains useful insights for now.

As ever we are keen to promote more examples of tenant participation, so please tell us about them.

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