Clydebank H.A. are getting ahead with our Quick Strategy Review

TPAS member Clydebank Housing Association has recently kicked off their quick review working with the team at TPAS. The review will assess the strategy – Is it still fit for
purpose? Is it tenant friendly? Does it embrace everything Clydebank HA does? TPAS will become Clydebank HA’s critical friend.

As an organisation, Clydebank HA are focused on continuous improvement and learning. The team are continually look for ways to make service improvements for their tenants and
other customers, where applicable. Sinéad Farrell at Clydebank HA said, “Our Tenant Participation Strategy is integral to the work we do here at Clydebank HA. As an organisation we are fully committed to tenant participation and customer involvement. We regularly keep our TP strategy up-to-date but as this is our bigger 3-yearly review we felt it was worth auditing our strategy in advance. We engaged the TPAS team as experts in tenant participation to review our strategy and provide an independent validation that the strategy contains all the up-to-date information and meets with Government guidance. They will also help us create is a summary which will make the strategy more digestible. We’re looking forward to seeing the results.”

Lesley Baird added, “It’s great to see members such as Clydebank HA investing some much time and effort into continuous improvement and tenant participation. We’re looking forward to reviewing the strategy and providing that independent audit that Sinéad and Clydebank HA are looking for.”

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Update – August 2021
We’re delighted to have received the following feedback from the communications team at Clydebank Housing Association:

“It’s a brilliant report, thank you. Really positive comments alongside constructive feedback, which I’ll be delighted to be guided by and incorporate.”